Platform Features

Your intranet can transform the way your business communicates, shares and consumes knowledge, Discover how.

Cloud and Mobile

SharePoint Online delivers all the functionality of SharePoint but without the need for you to manage the infrastructure on your own. Using SharePoint Online, you can access and interact with your SharePoint newsfeed from wherever you are. SharePoint’s mobile apps can be used on any internet connected device, allowing you to easily and conveniently collaborate with colleagues.


Uncover Knowledge


SharePoint 2013’s unified search platform takes information discovery to the next level.

It’s an intelligent search engine and as a result is always improving, always looking for ways to improve the relevance of search results; The search engine can look beyond the query and understood the meaning and can be integrated with your own business applications to help you discover results and get answers.

Create Dynamic Sites

With SharePoint you can embed PowerPoint presentations and videos into your team or intranet sites to help communicate business priorities and initiatives.
SharePoint blogs allow you to provide regular updates to your team or the entire organization and get rapid feedback. We’ve made a number of improvements to inline site editing so updating sites and communicate changes to critical business processes can be done quickly to keep everyone up-to-date.


Social Tools

Leverage ideas and discussions

Keep employees up-to-date, break down silos, increase the reuse of information and make collaborative decisions


Ask questions, share what you’re working on and keep track of what your colleagues are doing with contextual updates delivered to your activity feed

Tap into the Community

Interact, search and rate information within a specific community or discussion topic making it easy to discover experts and share knowledge and best practices across your organization.


SharePoint provides simplified user experience so that common tasks like document sharing, editing lists inline and create sites in a few simple clicks are easier than ever but still keeping you firmly in control of your content.


Share Inside and Out

Transform the way you communicate with your colleagues and your clients with one central place to go to for the information they need.

Self-service Analytics

Create interactive charts and reports published right into SharePoint.

Tasks & Projects

Task Sites make it easy for teams to work together, sharing content, organizing tasks, editing lists and it’s designed to work with Microsoft Project

Publishing workflows

Automate and track business processes with workflows and document versioning

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