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Renovate your information architecture

Information Architecture (IA) is the structural framework underpinning your document and content management system. And just like the scaffolding to your house, it’s imperative to get those bolts tightened and the cross-beams in place before you go slapping on...

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Top life hacks for your SharePoint

You’ve heard of life hacks to improve your fitness, save time on your household chores and stop you from losing your keys. But with the new year in full swing, are you relishing or dreading getting back to work? The team at Professional Advantage have put together...

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Creating an effective mobile intranet

There’s no point creating a new intranet if no one in the organisation is going to use it. And people are most likely to use their new intranet, and gain its benefits, if it’s easy to access and can capably address their day‑to‑day work needs. This point...

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Future prediction: where are intranets headed?

What key trends is Professional Advantage seeing for the future of your intranet? SharePoint solution specialist, Alex Dean tells what he’s expecting and where we have come from to get there. What is the intranet of the future going to look like? To answer that...

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