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Improve Productivity

Cloud & Mobile

Microsoft SharePoint Online delivers all the functionality of SharePoint but without the need for you to manage the infrastructure on your own


Co-authoring technology ensures colleagues are always working on the most recent version.

Tasks & Projects

Recognising the increasingly collaborative nature of today’s workplace, SharePoint boasts a number of project and task management functions.

Create Workflows

SharePoint workflows are designed to save you time and effort.

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful, feature rich software solution that can open up a whole new world
of possibilities for organisations, their employees and business partners.


Make Informed Decisions

Self Service Analytics

Business Intelligence just got smarter. With Microsoft SharePoint, users can create interactive dashboards that display key performance indicators and data visualisations in the form of score cards, reports and filters.

Power BI for Microsoft SharePoint

The Business Intelligence features in SharePoint allow you to create a powerful and highly practical BI Centre. Compile and make sense of data from a variety of sources such as spreadsheet files, databases and email accounts. Discover problems in real-time and and improve the speed and reliability of decision-making.


Delve tracks your online activity and produces search results that are based on that activity. With Delve, you don’t even need to know the name of a file or where it is stored. Delve presents documents wherever they are stored in Office 365 or OneDrive for Business.


SharePoint’s search capabilities enable users to find the information they need quickly and easily. The search function can access content from a variety of sources, ensuring that what is searched for is what comes up. Additionally, administrators can customise and fine-tune the search function so that only the most relevant search results are produced.

Share Internally & Externally

Share your documents with people inside and outside your organisation with the touch of a button. Using SharePoint online you can provide external partners and vendors with secure access to SharePoint sites or documents. You can enforce sign-in and set permissions to ensure that you can securely work together with anyone.

Create Websites

SharePoint 2013 is a powerful platform for a public facing website using the latest functionality such as CS3 and HTML5 to deliver a very robust content management system.

News Feeds

Now you can follow people, and even documents. This reduces the flood of alerts whenever a document changes and keeps you up to date with the latest modifications using your newsfeed which is a great place to start and join conversations with co-workers. It is also a great way to find out what is trending in the organisation with the use of hash tags.

Groups & Communities

Community sites help facilitate discussion and capture frequently asked questions. All of this content is fully searchable, making the information inside the community live on long after the active conversation. For end users this results in increased engagement levels and the ability to raise their profile within the company.

Our Microsoft SharePoint Clients include

Harbour City Ferries

Harbour City Ferries

World-Class ferry service puts information where it’s most needed with new intranet

The Tax Institute

The Tax Institute

SharePoint brings order to document management at The Tax Institute

The NSW Institute of Sport

NSW Institute of Sport

SharePoint excels as the document management solution for NSW Institute of Sport

BPA Print Management

BPA Print Management

SharePoint enables BPA to to manage their intranet and extranet, all on the one platform.

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